We have deer scents and deer
attractants for the serious bow
hunter. We have a full line of
scents, lures, and baits for
trapping. If beaver, fox,
otter,,raccoon, muskrat,  
bobcat, coyotes, and skunk
are what you like to trap then
we have it for you.
Looking for the best selling quality Whitetail deer scent and deer attractants? You
found the right place. Over 35 years of in the field testing and making attractants for
hunting those once in a lifetime big bucks.

Our customers tell us that we also make some of the finest trapping lures and baits for
trapping Bobcat, Beaver, Coyote, Fox, Raccoon, Mink, Muskrat, and other predators
that they have ever used.

Our deer scents includes Young Buck, Ready & Willing Doe Estrus, Trophy Blend, and our
. Our Whitetail scents are 100% PURE WHITETAIL and collected so
that you have the freshest scent available to you. Are you looking to bag that monster whitetail
buck then use fresh scents.
No gimmicks or false claims and reasonable prices, NOT
$35.00 for a bottle of doe in heat
and a serial number
Our deer attractants and deer lures have been developed to help keep them calm as they
come into your setup. We have ingredients that we use in our attractants that I've spent many
years developing. And being the Whitetail Fanatic I am, I still spend over 300 days a year
testing new attractants. Over 30+ years of bow hunting deer and formulating deer attractants
and deer lures has taught me a lot about the habits of trophy bucks.
Most attractants are too loud and mature deer get nervous thus you never knew that they were
anywhere near. Remember a deer can smell 100  times better than humans. When you walk
through the woods can you smell acorns or berries etc.?  Deer are curious but mature deer
aren't stupid. Our deer lures work on young and mature deer alike.

Trapping lures, scents, urines, and baits for your trap line.

Our trapping lures and baits use the finest essential oils, musks, and glands in our formulations.
Whether your a weekend or full time professional trapper doing Animal Damage Control work,
we have a great line of trapping lures, scents, and baits. Have you tried our hard hitting Bobcat
lures yet?

Raccoon, Coyote, Red Fox, Grey Fox, Bobcat, Mink, Skunk, Weasel, Marten, Groundhog,
Muskrat, Beaver,  Wolf, Wolverine, Lynx, Bear, and Deer, are some of the animals you might
want to be trapping, hunting, or photographing. We also have bobcat urine, coyote urine, red
fox urine, gray fox urine, and mink urine. We make some great high quality gland lure for
coyotes, red fox, gray fox, and bobcat. If you need trapping supplies you owe it to yourself to try
some of our scents, lures, and urines
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Mother teaching the young one bad habits but we really don't mind sharing a few peaches. Our friend and field tester
Wendell Reeves of East TN having another good season. Shown here with just a part of his seasons catch. Another
good trapper, friend, and member of the TFHA playing in the dirt. His name is Allen Rogers, and he's actually giving a
great demonstration to folks at our last district meeting. (He really does love to play in the dirt!) LOL
We also have good customers like the Bauer family form Arkansas that send in great photos like the Bobcat above.
We are supporters of the youths at trappers training days in the Southeast. As many of you know, we give a lot of
products away at these events. We are asking for your help. If you use our products and they work for you, please
spread the word. The more we sell the more we can give, it's that simple.
We thank you for your support! Stan & Deb
Here's a little look into what we've been doing this season at High Noon (Swans' Nest) and on the road.
Heath Belcher from TN. took this fine deer using our skunk cover
scent. Congrats Heath, now go get some more!